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When a life insurance policy is no longer needed!

Life Insurance is a valuable asset and could be an excellent alternative source of money for seniors to help navigate through the expenses of retirement. Sometimes the life insurance policy no longer makes sense: either the original need is for the benefit is no...

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Business Life Insurance for HIV+

Business owners who are HIV+ may be able to qualify for up to $4 million of term life insurance to protect their business interests and business partners. Best candidates for this program are select HIV+ individuals who are under excellent control and treatment...

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Person with HIV+

Up to $4,000,000 of term life insurance may be possible for some individuals with the HIV+. Also, long term disability income protection may also be available for some people with HIV+.  For more information contact: marketing@aisoa.com/     #HIV   #Life Insurance  ...

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Possible Life Insurance for persons with HIV+

Up to now, life insurance has simply not been available to individuals diagnosed with a positive HIV test. Excited new program available for a limited time which offers possible life insurance coverage to select persons diagnosed with HIV+ testing. Insurance possibly...

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Casserole or $25,000 check?

Critical Illness If you get diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, what would help your family more, a casserole or a check for $25,000? Watch the brief video. A Critical Illness policy pays a lump-sum cash benefit upon the first diagnosis of a covered....

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Avoiding Fraud – Agent Identity Theft

Some states’ Department of Insurance websites were hacked in recent years and agent information was altered for agents who had not actively written new business for an extended period of time. Identity theft continues to be a growing problem in many industries, but...

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