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Diabetes and Life Insurance

Many people with Diabetes have been told they cannot qualify for life insurance or most pay a much higher premium. All Life Insurance companies are not the same and underwrite diabetes quite differently. To find the best companies and the best premiums a diabetic can...

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We help people with diabetes, heart disease, MS, cancer survivors or other medical conditions get life insurance. We are looking to help the person who needs life insurance and may have been told that you are uninsurable or need to pay a higher premium. If you take...

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When a life insurance policy is no longer needed!

Life Insurance is a valuable asset and could be an excellent alternative source of money for seniors to help navigate through the expenses of retirement. Sometimes the life insurance policy no longer makes sense: either the original need is for the benefit is no...

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Business Life Insurance for HIV+

Business owners who are HIV+ may be able to qualify for up to $4 million of term life insurance to protect their business interests and business partners. Best candidates for this program are select HIV+ individuals who are under excellent control and treatment...

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