“Preparation, Preparation, Preparation” 

For the application – Pre application Process

  • Set a reasonable expectation for their premiums,
  • Less than about 10% of people qualify for Super Preferred rates,
  • If during fact finding the client has medical conditions – shop using medical questionnaires,
  • Always ask a Preferred Questionnaire to see who qualifies for preferred rates,
  • Prepare client as early as possible if suspected rated policy,
  • Most rated clients should be applying for permanent plans.

For the Medical Exam

  • Complete the medical Part 2 questions yourself when taking app,
  • Prepare client on what to expect on the insurance exam,
  • Know what is being tested for on blood tests,
  • Make certain client does not have tests/ surgery before exam,
  • No excessive exercise 24 hours prior to exam,
  • Make certain clients are well hydrated – lots of water,
  • They should take their medications are prescribed,
  • Make a list of medication and doctors/ hospitals consulted,
  • Schedule the exam at the clients’ convenience – typically first thing in the morning is best,
  • Give client a copy of the Part II medical questions you completed to make the insurance exam easier.

For the Inspection Report of Telephone Interview

  • Prepare the client that they may need to have a telephone interview,
  • Make certain the client has copy of the medical Part II with them,
  • Have the client call the Telephone Interviewer – feel safer,
  • Give them examples of questions that may be asked,
  • Have them know what financial info they need to share,
  • Have a 3rd party financial verification available, like CPA,

For the Senior Exam

  • Make certain the client knows the types of questions on senior exam,
  • Practice memory recall games is helpful,
  • Create a video showing the clients memory and cognitive skills, if needed.


  • Cover letter with clear description of insurance need/ purpose,
  • A description of clients physical, mental and social abilities,
  • A description of a typical daily and weekly activities schedule,
  • Video CD of the client demonstrating physical ability – if there may be a question on abilities,
  • Do NOT do video if client will not look favorable.

Action, Action, Action

  • Delays loose cases and loose commissions,
  • For Seniors their health can change overnight,
  • Do not allow Attorney/ CPA or other types of delays,
  • If the client wants to shop, have them pay the issued policy monthly while you shop.

Use the Underwriting Experts

  • Avoid other agents from beating your offers,
  • Know which companies are best to go to up front,
  • Able to analyze the medical situation for underwriting and coordinate with the underwriters