Seniors who own life insurance or their financial advisors: Please do not throw unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policies out yet. You may be throwing good money away!


Wife received the husband’s $1,000,000 UL policy in a divorce. Policy had just been converted prior to approaching us for a life settlement but the wife could not afford the premiums. Through an auction process we were able to get the wife $140,000 for a policy she would have lapsed with no values. Each life settlement is different so this example may not reflect the results of your policy.

Good candidates are for selling life insurance policies:

  • Insured over age 70 up (age 65 up possible where there has been some health changes),
  • Have life insurance that is not needed or the premiums are no longer affordable,
  • Policy at least $100,000 issued more than 2 years ago at Standard or Preferred rates,
  • If a term policy, must still be convertible. Some insurance companies may not qualify.

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