Life Insurance is a valuable asset and could be an excellent alternative source of money for seniors to help navigate through the expenses of retirement.

Sometimes the life insurance policy no longer makes sense:

  1. either the original need is for the benefit is no longer present or
  2. policy premiums are no longer affordable or
  3. the policy is a term plan that is about to expire and the new premiums for conversion are not affordable.

The choices are for those policies that no longer make sense are:

  1. to surrender the policy or
  2. continuing the pay premiums that are no longer in the personal budget or
  3. sell the policy for current market value to lower current expenses and increase net worth or retirement income.

The choice to sell the life policy is a life settlement. Many times the current market value is greater than the value within the policy provisions. Get a free market appraisal of your life policies. Best results are policies on individuals now over age 65 who may have had some change in health since the policy was originally issue. Let us see if we can help you get more value from those life insurance policies you no longer need. Call Fred at (888) 435-9702